Fly Fishing the Southeast Coast A Complete Guide to Fishing Fresh and Salt Water By Gordon Churchill, Foreword by Rip Woodin
Learn all the tricks and tips to having a successful fishing experience.

Gordon Churchill has been an enthusiastic angler all of his life, ever since he was little and would go fishing with his father in the lakes of upstate New York. Churchill shares his tips, tricks, and passion for fishing in Fly Fishing the Southeast Coast. Learn that you don’t have to travel to the Bahamas or any other far exotic island to find the perfect catch. Many ideal places are right here in the United States, including Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, and St. Augustine, Florida.

In order to fly fish successfully, a fisherman must know what kind of species he or she wants, what rod and line combo works best, what flies to stock, and of course when and where to be.

For each chapter, Churchill gives advice on where to find specific species of fish, from the striped bass in the southeast region of the Roanoke River to mahimahi in the Gulf Stream, forty miles off of Morehead City, North Carolina, as well as specifics on the approach of catching each species, as they’re all quite different. While full of tips and advice, Churchill makes it clear that, if ever fishing on the coast, you must be involved in a conservation effort. The environment and fish are constantly in danger, so make sure to always be aware and put your planet first!
TitleFly Fishing the Southeast Coast
SubtitleA Complete Guide to Fishing Fresh and Salt Water
AuthorBy Gordon Churchill, Foreword by Rip Woodin
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published18 April 2017
Dimensions5.00 x 7.00in.
Illustrations150 color photos.

About the author

Gordon Churchill is a longtime fisherman who runs the blog Capt. Gordon’s Fishing Reports, where he writes about fishing (including tips and tricks), fly tying, and family. Fly Fishing the Southeast Coast is his first book. He lives in Newport, North Carolina.

Rip Woodin has written about fly fishing for more than forty years, most recently with the Rocky Mount Telegram. Now retired, he resides in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

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