Hazard A Sister's Flight from Family and a Broken Boy By Margaret Combs
Hazard is a poignant, unflinching memoir of the emotional intricacies of growing up with a severely disabled sibling. Margaret Combs shows how her Southern Baptist family coped with lived reality of autism in an era of ignorance and shame, the 1950s through the 1970s, and shares her own tragedy and anguish of being torn between helping her brother and yearning for her own life. Like many siblings of disabled children, young Margaret drives herself to excel in order to make up for her family’s sorrow and ultimately flees her family for what she hopes is a “normal” life.

Hazard is also a story of indelible bonds between siblings: the one between Combs and her sister, and the deep and rueful one she has with her disabled brother; how he and she were buddies; and how fervently she wanted to make him whole. Initially fueled by a wish that her brother had never been born, the author eventually arrives in a deeper place of gratitude for this same brother, whom she loves and who loves her in return.
SubtitleA Sister's Flight from Family and a Broken Boy
AuthorBy Margaret Combs
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published21 March 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

“An insightful look at the challenges faced by families with special-needs children.” —Booklist

“In her hauntingly authentic memoir, Margaret Combs tells the story of a childhood turned sideways by the discovery of her young brother’s autism. Hazard is a poignant family portrait that is still shot through with light and a profound narrative poise. . . . This family memoir will hold you spellbound.” —Brenda Peterson, author of I Want to Be Left Behind: Finding Rapture Here on Earth

“In this achingly honest, courageous memoir, Margaret Combs will break your heart and then mend it again as she unfolds her story of growing up with an autistic brother. There are some harsh realities here, but like Mary Karr in The Liars’ Club and Jeannette Walls in The Glass Castle, Combs infuses hope and humor into even the most harrowing scenes. I couldn't put it down.” —Holly Robinson, author of Beach Plum Island, Folly Cove, and The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter: A Memoir

“Margaret Combs never gave up on Roddy, her brother born with autism, and Roddy never gave up on her. Unflinching and bold, Hazard is the story of a loving family finally making it despite the odds stacked against them.” —Daniel Friedman, author of The King of Chicago: Memories of My Father

“Combs has a way of pulling you in and taking you on the journey with her so you see with her eyes, feel what she did. It’s a highly emotional and expressive look at family dynamics and the ability to survive overwhelming challenges. . . . As a parent I found it very interesting to read an adult’s point of view about what it was like to be the sibling of a special needs child because it gave me some insight in how to be there for my son more since his sisters [who have autism] get more of our attention and time than he does simply due to the circumstances. He is not loved less than them but as a parent you don’t necessarily realize how things appear from their point of view. I feel like this book will make me a better mother to him and maybe be able to help him in his role in their lives. I was very grateful for the opportunity to read this and gain some profound insight.” —Tara Sheehan, Artistic Bend

“A great memoir, like a great novel, has the power to crack our hearts open, teach us about loss and resilience and what it means to be human. Hazard is such a book.” —Lindsay Pyfer, The Huffington Post

"The book is very beautifully written and from the bottom of the heart. It gives strength and inspiration to anyone ever coping with an autistic family member or just interested in knowing more about life-challenging experiences." —Wild Writing Life

“[I would] recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding what it was like to grow up in this time period with a handicapped sibling.” —Lisa Kiser, Lock Haven University

“An amazing story that is superbly written . . . with such an amazing life that I couldn’t put the story down.” –Lisa Urbassik, NetGalley reviewer

“This is a very honest and poignant memoir, by a woman whose younger brother's autism deeply affected her parents, and consequently her own upbringing.” –Emi Bevacqua, Goodreads reviewer

“[The author] does an exemplary job remembering the thoughts and feelings of a child, a child growing up in a world that is much kinder to some than to other.” –SundayAtDusk, Goodreads reviewer
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