All the Beautiful People We Once Knew A Novel Edward Carlson
For fans of Don DeLillo and Joseph O’Neill, an enthralling debut about the one percent, what they’ll do to stay on top, and the callous gaze they turn on those below them.

Stephen Harker is a disillusioned associate at Kilgore LLP, litigating on behalf of multinational companies such as insurance giant WorldScore, underwriter of a contractor that supplies private soldiers to the US military. Harker’s charismatic, womanizing boss assigns him a case defending WorldScore against a lawsuit filed by Major Michael "Bud" Thomas, an Air Force veteran, injured military contractor, and single dad seeking workers’ compensation benefits for PTSD and other injuries suffered while employed in Afghanistan. Fearing that honoring his claims will open the floodgate of payouts to returning soldiers, WorldScore demands that Harker defeat Thomas at all costs.

When Harker turns the firm’s full legal power on the wounded veteran, he finds himself in an existential downward spiral and a desperate relationship with his boss’s bohemian ex-wife until he is confronted with a final act of redemption.

All the Beautiful People We Once Knew is a riveting insider’s indictment of the world of the corporate elite and the savage determination with which they fight to maintain control of their profits. In a society where the very institutions that should support our returning veterans instead view them with suspicion, this stunning debut is a grim reflection on the ever-growing rift between the classes.
TitleAll the Beautiful People We Once Knew
SubtitleA Novel
AuthorEdward Carlson
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published1 August 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Edward Carlson is a New York shipping lawyer by trade. Prior to studying law, he edited gun magazines, covered sports and politics for Philadelphia newspapers, and served as a liaison between local governments and immigrant communities in Philadelphia. He lives in New York City.

"All the Beautiful People We Once Knew is surprising and strange; an endlessly inventive story of corporate insurance litigation, class warfare, and drunken love." —Ben Winters, New York Times bestselling author of Underground Airlines

"Part indictment of the world of worker’s compensation litigation, part portrait of a toxic love triangle built on narcissism and dependency, part surrealist rendering of a Manhattan teetering between corporate high-rise glitz and misfit underground counterculture, All the Beautiful People We Once Knew deftly navigates a chasm of privilege and depravity before plummeting to its inevitably tragic conclusion. Carlson clearly knows the world that his novel depicts; he also has some serious writing chops. The result is a story that pulses from beginning to end with a gritty and unsettling realism." —James Charlesworth, author of The Patricide of George Benjamin Hill

"Kudos to first-time novelist Carlson for taking on a complicated subject that is timely and significant." —Kirkus Reviews
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