The Date Night Cookbook Romantic Recipes & Easy Ideas to Inspire from Dawn till Dusk By (photographer) Rebecca Warbis
Date nights should be magical occasions filled with fun, flirting, and, most importantly, food! Whether you’re nervously planning a first date, enjoying a lazy night in, enjoying some much-needed quiet time while the kids are at camp, or marking a special anniversary, The Date Night Cookbook is the perfect creative and memorable foodie accompaniment to your romantic plans.

Rebecca Warbis’s simple, cozy, and elegant approach to staying in will provide you with themes for setting up your next romantic endeavor. Her creative ideas and stunning photos for Indoor Tent Night, Dining in Paris, and Dusk Beach Date will inspire you to light some candles, turn on the music, and relax with your significant other.

The best part? The concepts shared in The Date Night Cookbook are not limited to evening or late-night dates. Plans for breakfast in bed, picnic lunches, and afternoon tea are also included, inviting couples with opposite or busy schedules to arrange the perfect rendezvous for the one they love.

Recipes in this collection can all be prepared in less than an hour and include:
Couple’s Kebabs
Sweethearts’ Caramel Pears
Tipsy Orange Salad
Blueberry Muffin Infatuation
Under-the-Covers Pancakes
and more.
TitleThe Date Night Cookbook
SubtitleRomantic Recipes & Easy Ideas to Inspire from Dawn till Dusk
AuthorBy (photographer) Rebecca Warbis
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published4 April 2017
Dimensions6.75 x 7.50in.
Illustrations60 color photos.

About the author

Rebecca Warbis has been an avid foodie from a young age. After meeting her other half, she found DIY dating was the way to go. Rebecca is a graduate of commercial photography and is now a food photographer and videographer. She resides in London, England.

“A stunning book, full of beautiful chic photography and recipes for mouthwatering meals.” —A Literary Cocktail

“Stunning color photography and simple recipes that won't break the bank.” —Daily Echo

“Full of great recipes for alternative date nights and days.” —Sparkles at Midnight

"Sweet, spicy, and deliciously romantic! Warbis proves that love really does begin in the kitchen." —Brianna Shrum, author of How to Make Out

The Date Night Cookbook is the perfect little book to bring out when you need inspiration for a perfect night in.” —Linnea Johansson, author of Food for Friends and Perfect Parties

The Date Night Cookbook, by London-based food photographer/videographer Rebecca Warbis, is a collection of recipes for DIY 'date nights.' The book has nine chapters, each of which includes several recipes for a specific, themed date. Everything from 'breakfast in bed' to 'dining in Paris,' and even 'dusk beach date' is represented in the gorgeously photographed (seriously, it’s positively Pinterest-worthy) cookbook.” —HelloGiggles
ISBNs: 9781510717442 978-1-5107-1744-2 Title: the date night cookbook category:CKB ISBNs: 9781510717459 978-1-5107-1745-9 Title: the date night cookbook category:CKB 
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