Beachhead Assault The Combat History of the Royal Naval Commandos in World War II By David Lee
The Royal Naval Commandos had one of the most dangerous and the most important tasks of any in World War II - they were first on to the invasion beaches and they were the last to leave. Formed in 1941 as the Royal Naval Beach Parties, many lost their lives in the Dieppe raid. After Dieppe they became fully fledged fighting commandos with their legendary Fairbairn Sykes commando knives, organized into units from a commando through to the all Canadian W Commando.

Under their officers who were designated as Beachmasters, the Royal Naval Commandos led the way in on the beaches as part of the allied landings in Madagascar, Dieppe, North Africa, Pantelleria, Sicily, Salerno, the Volturno River, Anzio, Arakan, D-Day, Elba, Walcheren and Commachio. Their work on the beaches was crucial to the success of the allied invasions. After the war the Royal Naval Commandos were disbanded and forgotten and their wartime role was given to the Royal Marines.

The personal accounts of Royal Naval Commandos contained in this book tell the story of a remarkable but little-known group of men, ensuring that their legacy will not be forgotten.
TitleBeachhead Assault
SubtitleThe Combat History of the Royal Naval Commandos in World War II
AuthorBy David Lee
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published11 July 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
Illustrations16 B&W photos, maps.

About the author

David Lee is also the author of Up Close And Personal: The Reality of Close-Quarter Fighting in World War II.

"Every page of Beachhead Assault has a tale of almost suicidal courage."—Tony Parsons, author of Man and Boy

"Each tale leaves you gasping at the almost nonchalant, offhand accounts of extraordinary courage and dangers . . . This is a page-turner of a book."—Journal of Naval Engineering

"A stirring, personalized, and tactical account."—The Journal of Military History

"Compelling reading . . . David Lee clearly and rightly admires these wonderful men and their deeds."—Colonel Mark Noble in Naval Review

The eyewitness accounts are insightful and refreshing."—H-War
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