Riverwatcher A Fly-Fishing Mystery By Ronald Weber
“Even those who can’t tell a Royal Coachman from a Wooly Bugger will have fun.” —Publishers Weekly

Fly fishermen tend to be a peaceful bunch. But suddenly the sleepy, northern Michigan town of Ossning, home of the trout-packed Borchard River, has a killer in its midst. Charlie Orr, a solitary fisherman of advanced years, who spends his summers camping in a state forest campground, is brutally murdered one night while reading by lamplight in his tent. Charlie was known by all, but did he know too much? Shocked fellow anglers quickly set about investigating their own theories.

In Ronald Weber’s third fly-fishing mystery, state lottery winner Donald Fitzgerald, on leave from his beat as a journalist for the Detroit Free Press, once again joins forces with his girlfriend, Department of Natural Resources officer Mercy Virdon. Together, they must uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of their old friend before tragedy strikes again.

Perfectly capturing what happens when a grisly crime disturbs the serenity of small-town life Riverwatcher is a classic and entertaining whodunit. Fitzgerald and Mercy’s investigation to discover the deadly secret leads to a startling revelation that takes everyone by surprise. Weber expertly weaves his riverine plot, creating a great yarn for fly fishermen and mystery lovers alike.
SubtitleA Fly-Fishing Mystery
AuthorBy Ronald Weber
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published11 July 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Ronald Weber is professor emeritus of American studies at University of Notre Dame. He is the author of numerous books including News of Paris: American Journalists in the City of Light Between the Wars and the first two novels in this fly-fishing mystery series. He lives in Valparaiso, Indiana.

“Even those who can’t tell a Royal Coachman from a Wooly Bugger will have fun.” —Publishers Weekly

“The motive Fitzgerald eventually uncovers . . . is ingenious and convincing, but the real lure, apart from the hook for readers who are serious anglers, is the unruffled sense of small-town life uncomplicated by any particularly interesting individual characters.” —Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Aluminum Hatch:

"A strong mystery, realistic dialogue, well-timed wit, vivid descriptions of outdoor life, and best of all, two beguiling stars in Mercy and Fitzgerald. Even villains and the sheriff are believable and intelligent. This agile mystery will appeal to readers who like Gregory Bean, Bill Tapply, or Dana Stabenow; to anglers, canoeists, and Thoreau fans; and to anyone who likes Calvin Trillin's affectionate views of small towns." —Booklist

"Hatch reads well, is true to the genre." —Fly Rod & Reel

Praise for Catch and Keep:

"Quirky characters, a temperamental setting, and solid prose make this a pleasing sequel for fans." —Library Journal
ISBNs: 9781510719248 978-1-5107-1924-8 Title: riverwatcher category:FIC 
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