Marine Diesel Essentials What Every Boater Needs to Know By Richard Thiel
An easy-to-understand guide for the non-wrench-head.

Operators of commercial vessels have known and favored diesel engines for years. Now more and more pleasure boaters are choosing diesel power. Despite their apparent complexity, diesels are elegantly simple machines that can be given an almost- indefinite life span by painless preventive maintenance techniques and proper operation. In many cases, these methods differ sharply from ingrained automotive practices. In fact, some of these habits, ported over from the family passenger car, can be the death of a good marine diesel.

Written specifically for the non-mechanic, Marine Diesel Essentials is the complete survival guide for owners of diesel-powered boats of all types and sizes. Here is:

How a marine diesel works, including turbochargers, cooling, fuel, lubrication, and exhaust systems.
How to operate operate a marine diesel engine to provide the longest, most trouble-free life.
How to care for your diesel’s oil, fuel, and cooling systems; how to do it yourself; how to choose and deal with a mechanic; how to do your own basic troubleshooting

This is the book that should come with every marine diesel ever sold—but didn't. A marine diesel is a big investment. Follow the simple program presented here and you’'ll be able to keep it running trouble-free for years to come.
TitleMarine Diesel Essentials
SubtitleWhat Every Boater Needs to Know
AuthorBy Richard Thiel
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSeahorse Publishing
Published15 August 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
Illustrations40 color illustrations.

About the author

Richard Thiel has been writing about boats and engines for more than thirty years, beginning as Boating magazine’s engines columnist and boat tester. Later he wrote for Yachting and Motorboat and then began a long career as editor in chief of Power & Motoryacht, where he continues today as an editor at large. He says that even twenty years later, it’s still a dream job and that “most days” he looks forward to going to work—especially when “work” is running a boat. He lives in Chester, Connecticut.

ISBNs: 9781944824198 978-1-944824-19-8 Title: marine diesel essentials category:SPO 
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