Color Me Miserable A Coloring Book for the Cranky Colorist Racehorse Publishing
“What’s with all this Zen stuff everywhere?” you might be asking yourself. “Oh, it’s a way to cope with the stresses of daily life,” they tell you. “Oh, it’s so relaxing and peaceful,” they say. If you’re one of those people who are perplexed by those sentiments, and understand the tragic hopelessness of life, don’t worry: there’s still a coloring book for you, too.

While most of these distractions embrace the idea of peace and tranquility, Color Me Miserable aims to nurture and encourage your inner grouch. It’s here to lend a colored pencil or two to help prop up the crushing weight of this dismal life, as it presses down on you with all of its ambiguity and uncertainty. It gets you. It takes phrases like “This Sucks” or “Disappointed” and plasters them right smack on top of all those pretty flowers—that taunt you with their cheery, majestic rainbows of colorful delight—and makes them a mocking protest of all things charming, wonderful, and sweet. These designs may even make your feel more mindful—of your misery.

This book includes perforated pages which are printed on one side, allowing colorists to remove and display their finished works of art or throw them away easily. Color Me Miserable is a coloring collection for all those people out there who look at this beautiful world—sunshine, ice cream, pizza, cats in costumes, the smell of nail polish—and say “Who cares?”
TitleColor Me Miserable
SubtitleA Coloring Book for the Cranky Colorist
AuthorRacehorse Publishing
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintRacehorse Publishing
Published22 November 2016
Dimensions8.50 x 10.88in.
ISBNs: 9781631581625 978-1-63158-162-5 Title: color me miserable category:GAM 
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