Squeeze Life Your Guide to the Best Bare Body at Any Age By Karliin Brooks
Cleanse your mind of all the outdated granola clichés about livin’ raw and get ready to feel good (and yes, look even better!).

The Squeeze features more than one hundred juice and snack recipes, along with completely customizable cleanses for you to choose from. Karliin’s nutrient-packed, lip-smacking juice recipes such as “I Have a Heart-On” and “Kale the Pain Away” are bound to get your blood pumping in all the right ways. And there are snacks! “Jalapeño (Dirty) POPS,” “I Want Candy,” and “Raspberry-Chia Fruit Roll Up” are totally raw, vegan, and comforting parts of your detox. Karliin strongly believes that “diets” (ewww) don’t work, so instead she will teach you how to adopt new habits to help you live happy and healthy.
TitleSqueeze Life
SubtitleYour Guide to the Best Bare Body at Any Age
AuthorBy Karliin Brooks
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published7 February 2017
Dimensions7.50 x 9.25in.
IllustrationsColor photos throughout.

About the author

Karliin Brooks is the founder of The Squeeze Juice, a healthy lifestyle company. She graduated from New York University with degrees in broadcast journalism and nutrition and received her culinary arts training at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Karliin is a former model and a dedicated lifetime vegan. She also runs a distressed animal rescue operation. She lives in New York City.

“In Squeeze Life Karliin Brooks makes a compelling and delicious case for raw, cruelty-free living. Her recipes make me want to bare all and get into the kitchen ASAP.” —Rocco De Spirito

“Brilliant and dazzling images and art direction decorate delightful recipes that cover a wide gamut of goodies. Top to bottom, I’d be having The Best Day Ever eating any of these beauties; lots of great gems in these pages. No stone fruit is left unturned. Dig into these treats, tonics, elixirs, mylks, desserts, juices, smoothies, and soups and discover delightful treasures to entertain you, your friends, and family for, literally, years.” —David “Avocado” Wolfe, codeveloper of the NutriBullet, author of Superfoods

“Karliin’s cookbook is beautiful, and, unlike anything I’ve seen before, she manages to make juicing and healthy treats hip!” —Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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