How Great Is Your Guy? Test His Relationship IQ and See If He's a Lover or a Loser By Sarah Christensen Fu, Illustrated by Katie Abey
Fortunately, courtship has evolved a bit since the caveman era. Men no longer court their chosen mate with displays of hunting and speed and a heft over the shoulder to stir up some Paleolithic-style cave romance. For today’s modern male to pass muster, he must be a master of the remote control, a connoisseur of craft beer, and a student of pop culture. He must smell good, while getting his hands dirty. He must know when to be sensitive and when to be strong.

In How Great Is Your Guy? you will find answers to many questions about your man’s personality and style, including:

Can your man make you laugh, seduce you, and intrigue you with his silver tongue?
Is your man Sir Busta-Moves on the dance floor or a shrinking violet at a dinner party?
Is he the king of spontaneous romance or the grandmaster of organized fun?

Full of fun tests and activities, How Great Is Your Guy? is your failsafe way to find out whether your mate really is the man of your dreams.
TitleHow Great Is Your Guy?
SubtitleTest His Relationship IQ and See If He's a Lover or a Loser
AuthorBy Sarah Christensen Fu, Illustrated by Katie Abey
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published9 May 2017
Dimensions5.00 x 6.75in.
IllustrationsColor illustrations throughout.

About the author

Sarah Christensen Fu is a writer, creator, and social media guru. She is the author of Bad Birthdays, Baby Sign Language, Weird Science, Puppy Boutique, and It’s My Year Passbook. Sarah lives in Colorado with her husband and children.

Katie Abey is an illustrator with a love of all things unusual and humorous. She enjoys working in publishing and has developed a range of children’s board books with Five Mile Press and currently has a few other exciting publishing projects in the pipeline. Katie also illustrates for the greeting card and stationery industries. She lives in the United Kingdom.

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