Shit Happened A Sweary Coloring Book to Relieve Post-Election Stress By Racehorse Publishing
When you turn on your TV at the end of the day, do you get stressed out? Need a place to let go of your frustrations? Introducing Shit Happened: A Sweary Coloring Book to Relieve Post-Election Stress. This coloring book is filled with words many of us want to say but can’t in the context of our daily lives, whether in the presence of children, coworkers, or political adversaries. There’s no better way to express your inner rage than to fill these filthy words and their beautiful, abstract backgrounds with your favorite colors!

Printed on single-sided, perforated pages, Shit Happened includes dozens of already-colorful words and phrases. Relax by coloring the classic “Dipshit,” the venerable “Asshat,” and many more! It also includes neutral, nonpartisan phrases to express your disbelief post-election, including “Has the whole word lost its fucking mind?” and, of course, the cynic’s favorite: “Everyone is an asshole.” These words and phrases are carefully crafted to help you cope with your frustrations.

So grab a colored pencil and a copy of Shit Happened, blow off some steam, and make adult coloring great again!

TitleShit Happened
SubtitleA Sweary Coloring Book to Relieve Post-Election Stress
AuthorBy Racehorse Publishing
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintRacehorse Publishing
Published20 December 2016
Dimensions8.50 x 10.88in.
Illustrations48 B&W illustrations.
ISBNs: 9781631581830 978-1-63158-183-0 Title: shit happened category:GAM 
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