The Crippler Cage Fighting and My Life on the Edge By Chris Leben, With Daniel J. Patinkin
It takes a certain kind of person to stand out from other mixed martial arts fighters as both a wild man and a rock star. Chris Leben, otherwise known as “The Crippler,” is that kind of person. His reputation started on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality show where hopeful fighters vie for a UFC contract and a path to greatness. The world saw an out-of-control brawler with a penchant for destruction. But that was only half the story. From the slums of northwest Oregon, Leben has spent a lifetime coping with deep scars left by an absent father and ever-present struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse. He’s been in jail eleven times, including for going AWOL.

During his ten-year career in ultimate fighting, Leben became one of the most recognized figures in the sport, enthralling audiences around the world with his wild, headfirst style of fighting as he took on some of the world’s best fighters, including Anderson Silva, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Wanderlei Silva. The Crippler is not just an exciting account of his rise to prominence within the UFC; it’s the incredible story of a renowned wild man dealing with his personal demons and learning that the toughest opponent is always yourself.
TitleThe Crippler
SubtitleCage Fighting and My Life on the Edge
AuthorBy Chris Leben, With Daniel J. Patinkin
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published17 October 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
"Instead of whitewashing those personal failures into a hero's journey, Leben's book reads as a mix of war stories and regrets, an unvarnished look at the life behind a name that helped put MMA over to the reality-TV-watching public, and a confession." —Vice

"This book is a true testament to the battles faced inside and outside of the cage that no one else will talk about." —Ed "Short Fuse" Herman, ten-year UFC veteran

"I had a crazy life as a mixed martial artist. People everywhere ask me to tell them my now infamous stories. But Chris Leben took 'infamous' to a whole different level! This book is hilarious, heartfelt, and powerful. I love it!" —Bas Rutten, former UFC heavyweight champion and King of Pancrase world champion

"Chris Leben is one of the most colorful and forthright characters the UFC has ever seen, and The Crippler—while not always pretty—is an incredible look behind the scenes at a legendary fighter who has admittedly battled his share of demons over the course of a very memorable career. Chris holds nothing back, and his brutal honesty makes it hard to put this book down." —John Morgan, award-winning MMA reporter for and USA Today

“[The Crippler] indulges readers, whether a fan of MMA or not, in the life of an individual’s struggle to teeter on extremes and, in the end, find their way closer to the fulcrum. . . . This book is well deserving of all five possible stars.” —MMA Latest

"Patinkin does an excellent job of capturing Leben’s voice. In very short order, the reader will find themselves hearing Leben’s raspy voice in their head as they read. . . . Leben’s memoir is a good read. It’s Chris Leben, warts and all." —MMA Junkie

"The brutal honesty about [Leben's] shortcomings makes for a frustrating yet empathetic story. . . . Many readers, even those outside the MMA fanbase, will find this personal account of a flawed fighter meaningful." —Library Journal
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