High Tea Gracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion By Sandra Hinchliffe
With High Tea, author Sandra Hinchliffe writes a totally new chapter in tea culture and the culinary art of cannabis cuisine. Teas, tisanes, broths, and bhangs are all exquisite ways to infuse marijuana for medicine or pleasure. With more than seventy-five recipes using a fascinating array of the finest teas, herbs, and ingredients, High Tea will show you how to create sensational flavors, select moods, and serve all of the good vibrations the cannabis plant has to offer: • Learn the methods of serving moderate doses of cannabinoids like THC with a fast onset to ensure a therapeutic and enjoyable experience for both the cannabis novice and the experienced connoisseur. • Discover the magic of the terpene entourage for cannabis tea, tisane, and broth: Turn on, taste it, drop in, and welcome back the fragrance, flavor, and vibes that you’ve been missing. • Delight your guests with creamy bhangs and cannabis chai—perfect for a holiday celebration or any occasion. Everyone will enjoy the savory and sweet bites from Sandra’s sensitivity kitchen to quell the munchies. In addition, High Tea also includes a selection of simple, fresh, and elegant fare to pair with your tea-time, anytime!
TitleHigh Tea
SubtitleGracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion
AuthorBy Sandra Hinchliffe
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published17 October 2017
Dimensions7.25 x 7.25in.

About the author

Sandra Hinchliffe is a home herbalist, autoimmune disease survivor, and legal medical cannabis patient in the state of California. She uses her background as a home herbalist and medical cannabis patient to create a repertoire of recipes designed to be both beneficial and delightful. She is also the publisher of Hempista.com, the first cannabis-centric blog to feature beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle topics. She resides in Fremont, California.

"The link between tea drinking and the use of Cannabis has a history as long as tea itself. Tea and Cannabis were first cultivated by the mountain tribes in China well over 4000 years ago and their natural synergy has been rediscovered by generations ever since. In this book Sandra does not pay lip service to the pairing of Cannabis and tea but dives deep, with impressive expertise, into the concepts of Gong Fu Tea and terpene entourage in order to maximise the sensorial enjoyment of her recipes. An inspiring resource for anyone wishing to elevate their tea sessions!"—Don Mei, Director of Mei Leaf Tea

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