The 30-Minute Runner Smart Training for Busy Beginners By Duncan Larkin, Foreword by Dr. Mike Moreno
The 30-Minute Runner takes a simplified approach to training, which is to break down everything into one thirty-minute session per day, a manageable segment for first-time runners and those who may be in decent shape but lead incredibly busy lives.

Everything in the book, including training schedules, techniques, and tips, is put forth purely in terms of minutes spent running, without any goal paces to worry about, mileage to keep track of, or anything to measure other than time spent out on the roads and trails. The book focuses on how to maximize those thirty critical minutes in order to achieve two primary goals: shedding extra pounds and completing a 5K race.

Author Duncan Larkin, a certified Army Master Fitness Trainer, also covers topics like running for new moms, single-parent training, how to prepare to run your first race, race-day tips, how to train while on business travel, and taking it to the next level, running forty-five and sixty minutes a day (10K and half-marathon schedules). In addition to the running-based guidelines, The 30-Minute Runner also offers nutritional advice and core exercises that complement the thirty-minute runs.

TitleThe 30-Minute Runner
SubtitleSmart Training for Busy Beginners
AuthorBy Duncan Larkin, Foreword by Dr. Mike Moreno
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published2 January 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
“A quick read that allows the beginner to cut out the fluff and learn how to efficiently self-train in the most time-effective method.” -Toby Tanser, author of Train Hard, Win Easy, More Fire and The Essential Guide to Running the New York City Marathon; member of the New York Road Runners Board of Directors
ISBNs: 9781510721326 978-1-5107-2132-6 Title: the 30-minute runner category:SPO ISBNs: 9781510721333 978-1-5107-2133-3 Title: the 30-minute runner category:SPO 
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