Love And . . . Bad Boys, "The One," and Other Fun Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship By Jen Kim
Unique, compelling, and at times ridiculous insights and lessons from the realm of romance.

Why is dating so hard? Has Disney screwed us up? How many times have you entered into a new relationship immediately convinced that this person was “the one”? At last, you’ve met the partner who will “complete you,” make you feel like all those previous terrible relationships were somehow worth it, and finally complete your fantasy rom-com happy ending—your inner Jennifer Aniston already squealing with delight. How many times has that relationship abruptly veered off course, leaving your heart the victim of yet another romantic fatality?

In her first book, Love and . . . , Jen Kim turns to science to make sense of why, after three decades, she hasn’t been able to find lasting love. She puts a lens to the destructive pathology of her relationships, including her current long-term relationship with a partner who “just isn’t ready” for the next level . . . and, honestly, may never be. Will they or won’t they end up together? You’ll learn the prognosis by the final page.

Love and . . . is a relationship self-help book that doesn’t want you to change, mostly because a) it’s really hard to change, and b) you probably don’t want to. Kim focuses on the science and psychology behind why we behave the way we do, reserving judgement for no one, but herself.
TitleLove And . . .
SubtitleBad Boys, "The One," and Other Fun Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship
AuthorBy Jen Kim
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published13 February 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Jen Kim blends real-life confession, pop culture, and psychology in, at times, TMI fashion into one delicious and good-for-you life lesson smoothie on her Psychology Today blog: Valley Girl With a Brain. Kim’s blog explores everything from the most effective ways to get over a breakup (all backed by research), and the art of flirting (without actually seeming like you’re flirting), to turning thirty (it can suck), and the perils of being too nice (it’s not so nice). The author resides in San Francisco, California.

"If you’ve ever wondered if all those Disney movies you watched as a kid really screwed up your adult life, this one is for you. Described by the author as “a self-help book for people who hate self-help books” Jen Kim’s Love And . . . is a hilarious and eye-opening journey through your muddled past relationships as well as Kim’s own, as she looks at the science and psychology behind why we love (or, you know, don’t) in the ways that we do. Just in time for Valentine’s Day." —Bustle

"If a dating self-help book is more your V-day style, we can’t recommend Jen Kim’s Love And…: Bad Boys, the “One” and Other Fun Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship enough. Instead of telling you what you should be doing differently in your dating life, Kim seeks to answer why things happen the way they do. She explains why a lot of the dating mistakes we make are actually tied to our biology. Huh. Yes, it’s a self-help book, but no, it doesn’t want to change you. It wants to inform and empower you." —

“A funny, thoughtful examination into why relationships can be so challenging, and science-informed tips for putting yourself back together. A rare combination in a book!” —Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD in cognitive psychology, author of Wired to Create

"I love this book. It is sassy, fun, and full of fun facts in the biology and psychology of love and mating. A must read for those still dating . . . and beyond." —Louann Brizendine M.D., author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain
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