MJ-12: Shadows A MAJESTIC-12 Thriller By Michael J. Martinez
A team of superhuman spies navigate dangerous global espionage in the sequel to the paranormal historical thriller MJ-12: Inception.

It’s 1949, and the Cold War is heating up across the world. For the United States, the key to winning might be Variants—once ordinary US citizens, now imbued with strange paranormal abilities and corralled into covert service by the government’s top secret MAJESTIC-12 program.

Some Variants are testing the murky international waters in Syria, while others are back at home, fighting to stay ahead of a political power struggle in Washington. And back at Area 51, the operation’s headquarters, the next wave of recruits is anxiously awaiting their first mission. All the while, dangerous figures flit among the shadows and it’s unclear whether they are threatening to expose the Variants for what they are . . . or to completely destroy them. Are they working for the Soviet Union, or something far worse?
TitleMJ-12: Shadows
SubtitleA MAJESTIC-12 Thriller
AuthorBy Michael J. Martinez
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintNight Shade Books
Published5 September 2017
Dimensions4.25 x 6.75in.

About the author

Michael J. Martinez is a critically acclaimed author of historical fantasy and genre-blending fiction, including the Daedalus trilogy of Napoleonic-era space opera novels and the MAJESTIC-12 series, both from Night Shade Books. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, daughter, two cats, and several chickens.

Praise for MJ-12: Shadows

“So good, in fact, that it makes you wonder why all sequels can’t be this good . . . a fun, inventive, action-packed exploration of super spies operating in the shadows of history, and an almost perfect sequel.”—Fantasy Faction, 10/10

“A satisfying sequel to Inception . . . If you like superhuman operatives fighting the weird fight in the shadow of nuclear war, then go check out the Majestic-12 series.”—Amazing Stories Magazine

“Martinez is just really good at hitting the ball out of the park when he writes a sequel. . . . A great spy novel. . . . may well rank as his best work.”—InfiniteFreeTime.com

“An excellent book in every way you look at it. It’s gripping, entertaining, and suspenseful. . . . I can’t recommend it enough.”—Thoroughly Modern Reviewer, (5 out of 5 wands)

Praise for MJ-12: Inception

“A smart look at a Cold War in many ways even colder and scarier and deadlier than the one we barely survived.”
New York Times bestselling author Harry Turtledove

“A heady blend of super-spies and superpowers, MJ-12: Inception is Cold War-era science fiction done right. A taut thriller, and skillfully evocative.”
New York Times bestselling author Chris Roberson

“The Cold War becomes even more chilling as super-powered Americans are trained to become super-spies in Martinez's new alternate-history thriller. It's morally-complex, intense, and so steeped in the 1940s, you can smell the cigarette smoke.”
—Beth Cato, author of Breath of Earth and The Clockwork Dagger

Praise for Michael J. Martinez

“[Martinez] seamlessly blends popular elements from science fiction and fantasy, producing a work that raises the bar for both.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review for The Venusian Gambit)
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