Catakism A Humorous Purr-spective on Humankind’s Obsession with Cats Jeff Lazarus
Why is it that humanity has become so thoroughly enraptured with felines, obsessed not only with having cats but with talking about cats, sharing YouTube videos of cats sitting in boxes too small for their bodies, decorating their iPhone covers with kitty paw prints, and buying “My Therapist Has Whiskers” coffee mugs? What has caused us to enthrone cats as the most popular pet on the planet? Why do we devote so much of our time and income to grooming, feeding, coddling, photographing, praising, providing laps for, and “entertaining” our cats? If an anthropologist from outer space were to study our civilization objectively, would she not conclude that our devotion to Cat amounted to nothing less than a full-blow religion? Would she be wrong? Catakism is the first book to explore this cat-centric “religion” that is already practiced by many. Catakism, the belief system, is rooted in a bold premise: namely, that felines are humanity’s biological and spiritual masters. After all, if that alien anthropologist were to study our two species closely, which one would she conclude was higher up on the food chain—the one that plows the fields and provides food and shelter, or the one that curls up on a silk pillow all day and eats Fancy Feast Chicken Tuscany with Long Grain Rice and Garden Greens? By allowing Man to handle all of Her low-level needs, Cat has freed Herself up to do the higher-level spiritual work that Man has no time for, such as meditating seventeen hours a day, teleporting into locked rooms and cabinets, communing with disembodied spirits, and reeducating humanity on the true purpose of boxes, bags, and keyboards. We many not literally worship cats, but we come whisker close . . . and cats wouldn’t have it any other way.
SubtitleA Humorous Purr-spective on Humankind’s Obsession with Cats
AuthorJeff Lazarus
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published7 November 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 8.00in.

About the author

Jeff Lazarus, a health science consultant, has enjoyed a career spanning more than two decades with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Lazarus has a BA in speech communication from Cal State University, Long Beach, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He has taught public speaking at the university level and conducted numerous workshops on listening, presentation skills, and customer engagement. This passion was behind the release of Listen Like a Dog: And Make Your Mark on the World, a topic near and dear to his heart. His love for dogs is portrayed in his book Dogtology, a whimsical exploration of humankind’s fanatical devotion to dogs.

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