Angel Chatter Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practice to Connect with Angels By Christine Alexandria
Whatever faith we personally subscribe to, angels cross those boundaries and find their way into our lives. They remind us that we are not alone; that we are all guided and protected from another world. In her new informative, quirky, and practical guide, angel intuitive and award-winning author Christine Alexandria shares her profound gifts and vast knowledge of angels.

Christine details how to strengthen our connection and become empowered by the fourteen archangels with whom she chats. Chapters include the therapeutic role of each angel, the chakra system and crystals affiliated with them, guided meditations, and more. Angel Chatter enables people from all traditions and faith backgrounds to access the wisdom, joy, and power of Christine’s “haloed gang.” The angels “will flock to assist us”—this is their simple yet solemn promise.
TitleAngel Chatter
SubtitleHeavenly Guidance and Earthly Practice to Connect with Angels
AuthorBy Christine Alexandria
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintHelios Press
Published7 November 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
Illustrationsblack and white illustrations.

About the author

Christine Alexandria is a highly sought-after angel intuitive, award-winning inspirational author, and founder of She is a frequent radio guest on shows across the county, and enjoys speaking to live audiences about all things angels. Christine currently resides in Sterling, Virginia with her husband of more than thirty years, two cats that think they are lions, and her dog Gabi the Yogi Goldendoodle.

“Christine’s approach is a wonderful joining of many modalities into one cohesive system that thoroughly explains the angelic realm.” —Jesse Bravo, psychic medium

“This beautiful book by Christine Alexandria will guide you to read, breathe, and listen as your belief system will be connecting with an intuition unlike anything you have experienced before!” —Chris Fleming, international medium, speaker, and TV presenter

“Inspiring, insightful, and fun—Angel Chatter is a welcome addition to my spiritual library!” —Kathleen McGowan, New York Times bestselling author of The Expected One

“You’ll love engaging with the angels through uplifting and fun stories and easy meditations, and can begin to use their inspiring wisdom in a practical and immediate way. This book should be your angelic reference guide!” —Sue Greenwald, founder of the Empowered Light Holistic Expo

"I would recommend this special find to anyone who loves angels or wants to learn more about them from a good source. Thanks to Christine it all makes perfect sense. —Mystic Living Today
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