Sima’s Healthy Indulgence 100 Revamped, Guilt-Free Recipes to Transform Your Life Sima Cohen
Sima’s definition of transformation is not about obsessing over the numbers on a scale—it is all about something that blossoms from within you, out from your very pores, that ends with a lustrous glow that shows all over your transformed self. It’s not just about eating good food and feeding your hungry belly, it’s about discovering who you are, and transforming your body and life from the inside out.

When clients said they had a sweet tooth, or they were hungry for their latest diet’s “no-no food” and wanted to eat without the guilt that came with it, something immediately clicked in Sima’s mind, and she knew that she had to create a perfect, life-changing meal plan for them. This book is the ultimate guide to guiltless freedom that you can celebrate every day, without any depriving, compromising, counting calories, or measuring body fat!

After two decades, countless hours, thousands of clients, and customized food and detox plans, it was a no-brainer to understand that everybody—no matter their age or social status—wants their cake, and to eat it too. This book will transform how you think, what you eat, and the way you live. Losing weight is just the cherry on top of the sugar-free sundae.
TitleSima’s Healthy Indulgence
Subtitle100 Revamped, Guilt-Free Recipes to Transform Your Life
AuthorSima Cohen
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published21 November 2017
Dimensions7.50 x 9.50in.

About the author

Sima Cohen, the creator of Simplified Lifestyle System (SLS), is a celebrity trainer, nutritionist, fitness & wellness expert, and life coach with more than twenty years’ and over 55,000 hours of hands-on experience in the health and wellness industry, where she has helped transform the bodies and lives of thousands. Sima started her journey while serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), which taught her strength. Moving to Los Angeles at the age of twenty, she continued her journey towards a mind/body/spirit balance focused on food and nutrition?she learned the important elements that influence our health and happiness. Through four fitness and bodybuilding competitions and two certifications, her experience all plays into one noble purpose—to make a difference. Sima resides in Los Angeles, California, with her daughter Kayla.

“Our most important work is to become who we are capable of being—Sima Cohen is a guide through the often confusing jungles of health and wellness, paving a path beyond mere self-improvement to self-actualization. In following the path we find a fuller experience of ourselves.” —Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestselling author; Oprah Winfrey regular guest host

“Sima’s easy and accessible approach to wellness will inspire you to transform your life from the inside out, and have fun, too! Her simple lifestyle tips and delicious recipes can help you gain more energy and vitality to be the best version of you.” —Tess Masters, author of The Blender Girl series

“With the utmost care and expertise, Sima has the ability to motivate and inspire to the very highest level and thankfully for me, the results are both real and tangible.” —Sacha Gervasi, Emmy Award winning director

“Sima’s approach is holistic and highly effective . . . Her unwavering support and expertise means you gain the confidence to keep going and you start to surprise yourself with your accomplishments. She is strong yet gentle, tough, but fair, and if you follow her program it really, really works.” —Jessica de Rothschild, producer

“Her nurturing approach can help you to materialize life gains you only dreamed possible and her self-empowering guidance can lead you to getting everything you want out of life.” —Clyde Haygood, celebrity hairstylist
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