Change from Within A Journal of Exercises and Meditations to Transform, Empower, and Reconnect Elke Elouise Taylor
There is a massive shift in global consciousness going on right now. If you’ve felt an inner-tingle of dissatisfaction that you’re just skimming the surface of life, an underlying yearning for a deeper connection to who you really are, then you are being called. Developed by Empath & Scientist, Elke Elouise Taylor, Change from Within cuts through the pseudo-spiritual and psychological bullshit to deliver a practical, easy to follow guide to heal insecurities, reconnect with your authentic inner voice and find your life’s true purpose. We spend ten years in school being taught how to think, but never one lesson in how to feel. Unhealed emotional wounds play out in all areas of our lives, trapping us in destructive patterns. Taking no more than ten minutes a day, this journal shows you how to transform old wounds into strength, clarity, and wisdom. To make long lasting changes in life, you must address problems at their root cause. The real cause of stress and anxiety (and all fear) is a lack of trust: self-trust. You cannot trust yourself if you are not truly connected to yourself. As Elke says in her workshops, “I can't promise smooth sailing, but I can make you a better sailor.” Full of powerful, practical processes, Change from Within is the self-empowerment tool everyone should have in their tool box.
TitleChange from Within
SubtitleA Journal of Exercises and Meditations to Transform, Empower, and Reconnect
AuthorElke Elouise Taylor
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published7 November 2017
Dimensions5.00 x 7.00in.

About the author

Elke Elouise Taylor is an empath and scientist who earned a bachelor degree in Economics and a graduate degree in Science. While researching her graduate thesis on wild animal behavior, she realized her psychic gifts were not separate from the natural world. In 2005, Ms. Taylor combined her academic background with empathic abilities to develop Intuitive Healing. This step-by-step process teaches people how to heal their insecurities, reconnect with the inner-voice and find their life’s true path. Today, she teaches this self-empowering tool to thousands of people around the world in workshops and online.

ISBNs: 9781510729087 978-1-5107-2908-7 Title: change from within category:SEL 
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