Crafting the Resistance 35 Projects for Craftivists, Protestors, and Women Who Persist By Lara Neel, By Heather Marano
Knit, sew, and craft your way to self-empowerment.

Are you a Nasty Woman ready to smash the patriarchy with a needle and thread? Proudly proclaim your feminism with your very own DIY Bleeding Heart T-shirt? Or stage a protest with the rest of the girls, wearing knitted Pussyhats?

Be part of the revolution by reclaiming the "domestic" arts of knitting, sewing, and more—to channel your feminist rage. With pictures, step-by-step instructions, bonus patterns, and tips for crafters of all skill levels from beginner to advanced, Crafting the Resistance is the book for women’s rights activists on a DIY path to self-determination.

Put your homemaking and protesting skills to the test with thirty-five girl-powered, easy-to-make, kickass projects such as:

"Snowflake" knitted wristers

  • "Bleeding Heart" T-shirt
  • Clear vinyl protest tote bag to speed up security screenings
  • The Pussyhat as knitted hats, holiday ornaments, throw pillows, and cat beds
  • “Nasty Nag” zippered pouch
  • Well read bookmarks
  • And More!
  • Take politics into your own hands, literally, and craft your message out into the world. Including an essay and quotes on the history and importance of craftivism, Crafting the Resistance is the ultimate book for political crafters, DIY activists, empowered protestors, and any woman—or man—who is part of the resistance.

    TitleCrafting the Resistance
    Subtitle35 Projects for Craftivists, Protestors, and Women Who Persist
    AuthorBy Lara Neel, By Heather Marano
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
    Published22 August 2017
    Dimensions7.00 x 9.25in.

    About the author

    Lara Neel sews, knits, and cares about freedom, democracy, women’s rights, indigenous rights, and LBGTQIA equality. She is the author of Sock Architecture and blogs at She lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

    Heather Marano is an anthropologist and archaeologist. She studies textiles in western and nonwestern cultures and teaches classes on knitting, spinning, gardening, and natural dyeing of fibers and fabrics. She blogs at and lives in Millbrae, California.

    "Are fascists afraid of hats? That's a question I've been asking myself a lot lately. In Crafting the Resistance, Heather Marano and Lara Neel answer that question with a resounding 'Yes!' By making, using, and wearing the projects in these pages, you can use your crafting superpowers to speak out to your friends, family, and the world. Let them know that you craft for Liberty and Justice for All. Resist!"
    —Donna Druchunas, author of Knitting as a Political Act and The Art of Lithuanian Knitting

    "The projects in Crafting The Resistance are just like the book itself; inspiring, simple to comprehend, and immediate classics. The quotes that begin each section are compelling, as are the reading and listening recommendations that accompany each item. We are living in a singular time; these great projects allow us to fully personalize our 'revolution from within.’"
    —Annie Modesitt, author of Confessions of a Knitting Heretic

    "Heather Marano and Lara Neel have put together a timely and charming how-to book of simple projects with practical appeal to activists. Whether you decide to make a kit bag or a statement bandanna, you will be learning the basics of a craft you may never have tried before. . . . Make something for yourself, or get together with friends and Craft the Resistance."
    —June Hemmons Hiatt, author of The Principles of Knitting

    "Crafting the Resistance goes beyond the pussyhat. . . . [It] does a good job of bringing in new craftivists and inspiring them to try new things. . . . The projects range from the eminently useful (the vinyl tote, the security waist belt) to 'I had no idea I needed one of these' (the snowflake wrist warmers) and 'I’d love to try that!' (any of the wool-felting projects.)"
    Twin Cities Geek

    "Pussyhats are important to make because I like to smash the patriarchy."
    —Genevieve, 5, The Knitmore Girls

    "We approach handcraft for all kinds of reasons: joy, grief, community, and sometimes frustration. What better thing to occupy anxious hands than an act of creation, an act of defiance? Neel and Marano offer a number of projects crossing various mediums, and introduce first time craftivists to both different crafts and some intersectional issues—more than just pink pussyhats. Cast on and start a conversation!"
    —Jasmin Knitmore, The Knitmore Girls

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