Healthy Drinks 60 Vital Recipes for Green Smoothies, Juice Shots, Broths, Detox Water, Kombucha, and More By Anna Ottosson
Dieting is no longer the smartest way of cleansing your body or losing weight. Instead of depriving yourself of certain foods, why not add in a quick boost of healthy drinks to the mix? Vitamin and infused waters, tonics, shots, juices, and other nutrient-packed drinks are a quick, delicious, and powerful pick-me-up that will enhance your vitality with just a swig (or two).

Get high on fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients—a virgin Margarita or sugar-free lemonade is a great substitute for a glass of rosé. A homemade slush takes just a minute to make and is the perfect thirst quencher for you and the rest of the family. Vitamin water is full of everything your body needs instead of the usual sugary drinks filled with artificial sweeteners. Why not even have a go at making your own kombucha, the elixir that has taken over the cooling cabinets in Los Angeles thanks to its salutary powers for the stomach; or boil your own broth, the drink that has replaced mugs of latté on the streets of New York? Learn to make a:

  • Classic green avocado drink

  • Raw kombucha

  • “50 Shades of Green” tonic

  • Chocolate smoothie with raspberry-chia topping

  • Oxtail bone broth

  • And more!

  • Healthy Drinks treats you to sixty recipes of wholesome drinks that are bursting with nutrition, vitamins, and flavors from all over the globe—and that are also beautiful to look at!
    TitleHealthy Drinks
    Subtitle60 Vital Recipes for Green Smoothies, Juice Shots, Broths, Detox Water, Kombucha, and More
    AuthorBy Anna Ottosson
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
    Published2 January 2018
    Dimensions8.75 x 7.50in.
    Illustrations60 color photos.

    About the author

    Anna Ottosson is a qualified dietitian who has been providing dietary advice on TV and radio and in newspapers for many years. She also works in education and trend forecasting. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

    "In Healthy Drinks, Anna Ottosson shows you how you can drink your way to vibrant health. With delicious, quick, and healthy recipes, Anna will guide you to ignite your food revolution and saturate your body with critical nutrients that can add years to your life, and life to your years. Read, drink, and thrive!”
    —Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution Network

    "With the way the world is moving so fast now and the grab-and-go food that people are consuming, human minds often do not work as well they could be working. Adhering to this beautiful book's amazing recipes that taste good and bring clarity to Body, Mind, and Soul is very important. The photography is gorgeous. Anna subscribes to and is a walking testament of her words that she writes about eating. Please read this book. Eat well, love the book, and share it with your family and friends."
    Gurmukh Khalsa, Kundalini yoga teacher

    "[Anna Ottosson is] a Viking Goddess, an angel with wings of love and compassion in the power of food.”
    John Sughorito, founder of Raw Food Mecca, Bali

    "[Anna Ottosson] is radiant and glows with a warm, loving, and compassionate aura. Her recipes are like her, authentic, beautiful, and full of pure and loving energy. Sat Nam.”
    Bijay J Anand, Bollywood star and Kundalini yoga teacher

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