Trooper The Cat Who Came in from the Wild By Forrest Bryant Johnson
Whenever middle-aged desert tour guide Forrest Bryant Johnson went out on his daily walks into the Mojave, all was usually peaceful and serene. But one beautiful summer day in 1987, Forrest heard a cry of distress. Following the cries, he came upon a small bobcat kitten, injured, orphaned, and desperately in need of help. So Forrest took his new feline friend home for a night. But when the little “trooper” clearly needed some more time to recoup, that night turned into two nights, a week, and eventually nineteen years. And so Trooper became a part of the Johnson family.

And in those nineteen years, Trooper lived his nine lives to the fullest. He explored desert flora and fauna around him, befriending kit foxes, jackrabbits, desert tortoises, and other creatures and getting into mischief along the way. Trooper became a “big brother” to stray tabby Little Brother, teaching, guiding, and protecting Brother on the pair’s adventures and misadventures. He became a beloved patient at his local vet, and cherished housemate of Forrest’s wife, Chi. And Trooper even managed to melt the icy heart of a tough guy neighbor. But most of all, throughout his nineteen years, Trooper became Forrest’s best friend, as the two shared each other’s worries and frustrations, musings and rants, joys and laughter.

Harrowing and heartfelt, Trooper: The Cat Who Came in from the Wild is for any reader who ever had their heart stolen by their pet.
SubtitleThe Cat Who Came in from the Wild
AuthorBy Forrest Bryant Johnson
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published6 March 2018
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Forrest Bryant Johnson served nine years with the US Army, rising to the rank of Captain. Johnson is an experienced explorer and a professional at conducting scenic desert tours. He reports with authority and full knowledge on all the animals who must survive in the harsh environment of the Mojave Desert. He is the author of Hour of Redemption, Phantom Warrior, and The Last Camel Charge. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with this wife and pets.

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