Backside of the Moon By Tango Gao
The first book by Shanghai-born visual artist, cartoonist, social media phenomenon, and advertising executive Tango to be published in the United States, BACKSIDE OF THE MOON is a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek dissection of the everyday insanities of 21st-century urban living--and a witty guide to how to keep one's calm in the midst of the craziness. Tango's doodles have a simple, fluent, and funny style. His humor is obvious without words and explanation. Everything he draws has its own expression. Even air has a shape and a piece of bread can be a protagonist. Tango celebrates finding joy and surprise in our daily life. No matter how small we are and how frustrating life can be, we shall endeavor to feel "alive." Tango's playful line drawings may just help you attain inner peace and tranquility--but at the very least they will make you smile.
TitleBackside of the Moon
AuthorBy Tango Gao
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published12 December 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 6.00in.
Illustrationsb/w line drawings.

About the author

Tango Gao, a world-renown artist from Shanghai, creates clever illustrations that make imaginative observations of everyday life. He lives in New York and Shanghai and has held a number of art exhibitions in Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, and Belgium. Tango is the author/illustrator of the Chinese best-selling book, I Have A Dream.

"Already a star with a significant social following in China, the cartoonist known by the moniker Tango is now showcasing his talents all over the world. His simplistic, but thought-provoking drawings are often humorous, and capture the oddities of modern life. A self-described visual storyteller, his work is intended to make stress-out salaried folk see the primitive beauty of our existence." -- No.3 Magazine
"Tango makes some simply clever comics which would surprise you to the moon and back!"--Storypick
"Handling the humor of everyday situations with his clairvoyant mind and simple lines, Tango?s works bring audiences laughter and joy."--SinoVision, English
ISBNs: 9781510735118 978-1-5107-3511-8 Title: backside of the moon category:HUM ISBNs: 9781510735125 978-1-5107-3512-5 Title: backside of the moon category:HUM 
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