The Man Who Has It All A Patronizing Parody of Self-Help Books for Women By @ManWhoHasItAll
From the Twitter account @ManWhoHasItAll, a hilariously unforgiving and eye-opening role reversal parody of self-help guides for the working mother.

While women have long been bombarded with advice about how to be the perfect mom, keep a perfect job, and have glowing skin—all at the same time—men have been left floundering. Can you be a dad and still feel sexy? Can curvy men truly be happy? Can men be funny?

Finally, The Man Who Has It All!, drawn from the hugely popular satirical Twitter and Facebook accounts, is the first trailblazing guide that "empowers" men and shows them how they, too, can have it all! Providing gendered tips for career men and busy working dads on how to juggle fatherhood and still have a career—while maintaining the perfect bod—The Man Who Has It All isn’t afraid to address the big questions. Within these pages, learn:

  • What his face shape says about his parenting skills
  • How to express his opinion without coming off as bossy
  • Why staying hydrated will improve his career prospects
  • How he can stop feeling guilty about everything
  • How he should prioritize "me-time"
  • How he can ask for help
  • Uproarious, scathing, unsettling, and revealing, The Man Who Has It All seizes the established sexist narratives and double standards women have heard too often in self-help books and magazines, and subverts them with a fiercely ironic feminist twist by speaking to an imaginary male audience —with hilarious and revolutionary results.

    TitleThe Man Who Has It All
    SubtitleA Patronizing Parody of Self-Help Books for Women
    AuthorBy @ManWhoHasItAll
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
    Published20 March 2018
    Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

    About the author

    The Man Who Has It All has a crazy-busy life juggling low-fat yogurt, glowing skin, a career, and healthy snacks. He spends his precious "me time" updating his Twitter and Facebook accounts (@ManWhoHasItAll), giving other busy dads sanity-saving tips. He lives in the United Kingdom.

    “Hilarious and eye-opening.” Huffington Post

    “Making everyone giggle . . . turns on its head all the often ridiculous advice that's lobbed at working women, that unique mix of chocolate-laced guilt, 'me time,' overachievement, bubble bath tips and domestic goddess how-tos.” New York Post

    "I simply love @manwhohasitall. Nothing points up the absurdity and inequality of debates about care and career as effectively as simply putting the shoe on the other foot. Follow him on Twitter and read this book!" —Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America

    "I laughed out loud at this send-up of common gender stereotypes. In a simple yet devastating way, he demonstrates just how silly the way we treat women really is." —Angela Saini, author of Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and the New Research That's Rewriting The Story

    “Our favourite new Twitter account—hilariously calls out sexist double standards.” MTV

    "Playfully subversive and long overdue, this book takes those ubiquitous gender stereotypes and grinds them to dust. Very funny indeed." —Rebecca Front

    “Brilliant parody.” Independent

    “Perfect satire.” Upworthy

    “Really smart.” —Gaby Hinsliff, Guardian

    “The tweets capture the daft messages sent to women every day across the media and the real world—and they've touched a nerve.” Daily Mirror

    “From beauty routines and housework expectations to the way mothers are often treated in the workplace, the Man Who Has It All Twitter account . . . shares expertly flipped one-liners.” Stylist

    “On behalf of frazzled dads with a PH imbalance—and, of course, working mums who actually have to listen to this sh*t for real—we just want to say thank you.” Metro

    “Devilishly genius.” —Caroline Criado-Perez, OBE

    “A simple idea, beautifully executed, which pithily derides the blind eye that allows sexism to become endemic.” —Richard Herring

    “For feminism that makes you laugh. Despair, but also laugh.” —Glosswitch, New Statesman

    "If you love satire, you'll love this." —Viv Groskop, Woman's Hour

    "Terrific!" —Joanne Harris

    “Hilarious and thought-provoking, the Man Who Has It All highlights the ridiculousness of the patronizing advice thrown at working mums every day by reimagining it with dads in mind.” The Unmumsy Mum

    “I’d buy a copy for my partner, if only he had the time to read it! Bless him.” Single Slummy Mummy

    ISBNs: 9781510729117 978-1-5107-2911-7 Title: the man who has it all category:HUM ISBNs: 9781510729094 978-1-5107-2909-4 Title: the man who has it all category:HUM 
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