Trans Figured My Journey from Boy to Girl to Woman to Man By Brian Belovitch
Imagine experiencing life not as the gender dictated by birth but as one of your own design.

In Trans Figured, Brian Belovitch shares his true story of life as a gender outlier and his dramatic journey through the jungle of gender identity.

Brian has the rare distinction of coming out three times: first as a queer teenager; second as a glamorous transgender woman named Tish, and later, Natalia Gervais; and finally as an HIV-positive gay man surviving the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. From growing up in a barely-working-class first-generation immigrant family in Fall River, Massachusetts, to spinning across the disco dance floor of Studio 54 in New York City . . . from falling into military lock-step as the Army wife of a domineering GI in Germany to having a brush with fame as Natalia, high-flying downtown darling of the boozy and druggy pre-Giuliani New York nightclub scene, Brian escaped many near-death experiences.

Trans Figured chronicles a life lived on the edge with an unforgettable cast of characters during a dangerous and chaotic era. Rich with drama and excitement, this no-holds-barred memoir tells it all. Most importantly, Brian's candid and poignant story of recovery shines a light on the perseverance of the human spirit.
TitleTrans Figured
SubtitleMy Journey from Boy to Girl to Woman to Man
AuthorBy Brian Belovitch
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published4 September 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
Illustrationscolor photographs.

About the author

Brian Belovitch is a former editor at People magazine. A 2000 GLAAD award nominee for his play Boys Don't Wear Lipstick, Belovitch is a founder of Queer Stages, an LGBT-themed dramatic series, and a guest storyteller with the Generations Project. At age sixty, Belovitch entered a master's program for mental health counseling at Hunter College. Today he works as an addiction professional and lives in Brooklyn with his husband of fifteen years.

"Brian Belovitch has looked at life from both sides now and emerged triumphant. A pretty boy who went on to full womanhood, Brian spent many years as Tish Gervais, a voluptuous army wife and then glamorous New York party creature/chanteuse, soaking in the dazzle of the 1980s club scene. But there was a price -- along with the gift bags and photo ops were drugs, booze, and serious self-esteem issues. Emerging out of a state of exciting but hollow glamour, Tish re-emerged as Brian again, transitioning back to his male state and finding a grounded, loving life with a mission, a husband, and sobriety. Having transitioned twice until getting it right, Belovitch has a story that is unique and riveting, and he relates it with the breathless passion of a master storyteller." --Michael Musto, author of Fork on the Left and Village Voice columnist

"Brian Belovitch’s gender-bending journey from working-class boy to military wife to celebrated downtown chanteuse -- someone who knew everyone from Warhol to Fellini -- is the stuff of identity legend. But his arduous return trip from he to she back to he challenges not only straight society's well-known gender expectations, but also gay society's transgender expectations. We've heard many stories of people switching roles to find their true selves, but never a story of someone switching back to find an ever deeper sense of belonging. Touching, glamorous, funny, harrowing, ultimately triumphant, this is an amazing and inspiring tale of self-discovery." --Gabriel Rotello, author of Sexual Ecology

"With the current zeitgeist of trans this and trans that peppering all areas of the media, it's crucial that voices from different points on the trans spectrum be heard. Brian Belovitch's devastatingly honest story of an insecure, abused boy who seeks solace and approval by switching genders twice is one that hasn't been told before. With an unblinking eye and a survivor's sense of humor, Brian chronicles his journey there and back again in a voice that rings true and triumphant -- one that will not easily be forgotten." --Edwin John Wintle, author of Breakfast with Tiffany: An Uncle's Memoir
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