Accessing the Media How to Get Good Press By Jill Osborn
Accessing the Media takes the reader behind the scenes to understand how best to work with press to get publicity. Perfect for politicians, business leaders, lobbyists, and media junkies, this reference provides an insider's look at how the modern newsroom works, detailing the different roles of reporters, editors, and producers. Readers will learn how to forge relationships with media personnel in television, radio, print, and the web to craft the press coverage they want.

Award-winning journalist Jill Osborn exposes the three strategic steps that must be used to gain favorable coverage with the media at just the right time. She gives you the inside scoop on how to think like a national or local journalist so you can control the headlines. And she even provides sample press releases to help shape your message. When reading Accessing the Media, you will have a personal media consultant without the cost of hiring one.

Whether you are running for office, looking to improve visibility for your business, or simply want a deeper understanding of what you see and read in the news, Accessing the Media is the perfect guide to getting your story out to the world.

TitleAccessing the Media
SubtitleHow to Get Good Press
AuthorBy Jill Osborn
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published15 May 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Jill Osborn is an award-winning columnist and political correspondent. She worked in a congressional office on Capitol Hill and for a top DC lobbying firm and went on to be a contributor at FOX News. Jill lives with her husband and children in North Carolina.

"Jill is a triple threat with her firsthand experience in the news industry, federal government, and public relations world. You will be fascinated to learn the behind-the-scenes details of these closely watched entities."
Gretchen Carlson, former FOX News anchor

“Jill’s inside information is literature that will train the next Thomas Jeffersons, Benjamin Franklins and Alexander Hamiltons. With her experience, information, and insight, Jill ensures a successful campaign and political career.”
Aaron Berlin, prosecutor and candidate for district court judge

“Jill’s book is must read for anyone wanting to know how the dots are connected with politics and the media. With the evolving political climate, Jill has found new ground to plow.”
United States Congressman Richard Hudson

“As a first-time candidate connecting with Jill was a great decision. She consulted with me on the content and timing of press releases, provided training on how to interact with the press and how to capitalize on an interview. I would not have received as much press as I did, had it not been for Jill’s invaluable advice. She is still someone I consult with on an on-going basis and hope to for years to come.”
Michelle Barson, current mayor pro tem, Clemmons, North Carolina

“You can buy knowledge but you cannot teach wisdom. Jill’s wisdom helped me win my election and continued to help me while serving continuous terms as Mayor.”
former mayor Nick Nelson, youngest mayor to serve Clemmons, North Carolina

“People can’t choose your product or service if they don’t know about it. Jill Osborn offers practical help in tapping into the power of media.”
Gary Chapman, PhD, author of The 5 Love Languages

“Insightful. Eye-Opening. Needed. A book you highlight, store in your desk drawer, and reference time and time again.”
Mandy Haggerson, senior communications director for the director general, United States Department of State

Accessing the Media gives you the fundamentals you need to avoid hiring a pricey PR firm. Jill Osborn lays out nuts-and-bolts advice that will help you prep for a news event, putting out a press release or live television interview. It is a useful guide from somebody who knows how newsrooms work.”
Evan Siegfried, author of GOP GPS: How to Find the Millennials and Urban Voters the Republican Party Needs to Survive

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