The Twelve Apostles Michael Collins, the Squad, and Ireland's Fight for Freedom By Tim Pat Coogan
Ireland, 1919: When Sinn Féin proclaims Dáil Éireann the parliament of the independent Irish republic, London declares the new assembly to be illegal, and a vicious guerrilla war breaks out between republican and crown forces. Michael Collins, intelligence chief of the Irish Republican Army, creates an elite squad whose role is to assassinate British agents and undercover police. The so-called 'Twelve Apostles' will create violent mayhem, culminating in the events of 'Bloody Sunday' in November 1920.

Bestselling historian Tim Pat Coogan not only tells the story of Collins' squad, he also examines the remarkable intelligence network of which it formed a part, and which helped to bring the British government to the negotiating table.

TitleThe Twelve Apostles
SubtitleMichael Collins, the Squad, and Ireland's Fight for Freedom
AuthorBy Tim Pat Coogan
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published20 March 2018
Dimensions6.13 x 9.25in.
IllustrationsTwo 8pp b/w inserts; 12 b/w photos in text.

About the author

Tim Pat Coogan is Ireland?s best-known historical writer. His 1990 biography of Michael Collins rekindled interest in Collins and his era. He is also the author of The IRA, The Troubles, and The Famine Plot.

"The unofficial voice of modern Irish history."—The Economist

"Ireland's best-known historical writer."—The Irish Times

"A compelling work...this tale of murder and mayhem is also a labor of love. Written with peace and clarity, this is an important work that shows how desperate measures taken in desperate times don't easily go away."—The Irish Independent

"A worthy contribution to the historical literature of the period."—Irish Central
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