Talking, Listening, and Teaching A Guide to Classroom Communication By Thomas S. C. Farrell

Talking, Listening, and Teaching demonstrates how important it is for teachers to understand and monitor classroom communication patterns and resolve problems that may hamper students' learning. Using examples from real classrooms, the author explains

  • How classroom talk is different from communication outside the classroom
  • How to gather and analyze data about classroom talk
  • What type of questioning generates good discussions
  • Why and how to give feedback to students
  • How nonverbal communication impacts the classroom
  • This insightful guide to classroom communication, featuring provocative "Thinking About Your Own Classroom" questions, is ideal for teacher study groups and benefits educators who wish to effectively manage this important aspect of teaching and learning.

    TitleTalking, Listening, and Teaching
    SubtitleA Guide to Classroom Communication
    AuthorBy Thomas S. C. Farrell
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
    Published19 June 2018
    Dimensions6.13 x 9.25in.

    About the author

    Thomas S. C. Farrell is a professor in applied linguistics at Brock University, Canada. He has been involved with ESL and applied linguistics for the past twenty-seven years and has written extensively on topics such as reflective practice, language teacher development, and language teacher education.

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