Jean Hugard's Mental Magic Dazzling Mind Tricks with Playing Cards By Jean Hugard
Looking to expand your magical repertoire? Want to entrance and confound your audience with amazing card tricks? Written by the great Jean Hugard, this classic magic manual to mind tricks with cards will teach readers some of the most unbelievable card tricks ever invented.

Included within are sections on how to perform awe-inspiring card illusions that will captivate any audience, including timeless tricks such as The Three Heaps, The Trio, The Moving Finger, A Card and a Number, among many more! Hugard’s instruction provides the methodology needed to seamlessly execute each trick and wow your spectators.

This book is perfect for any magic lover, both aspiring magicians and professional, and is sure to inform and inspire a sense of magic to anyone who reads it.

TitleJean Hugard's Mental Magic
SubtitleDazzling Mind Tricks with Playing Cards
AuthorBy Jean Hugard
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintRacehorse Publishing
Published17 July 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Jean Hugard, born in Australia in 1872, was an acclaimed magician during his time. Throughout his life, he performed magic around the world—mainly in venues in Australia, New Zealand, and even the United States. After he retired from performing, he settled down in Brooklyn, New York, where he wrote more than thirty books on magic, including Money Magic, Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, and Houdini’s Unmasking. He became blind toward the end of his life but in spite of his handicap continued practicing and writing about magic. He died on August 14, 1959.

Steven Cohen is an esteemed contemporary magician and an expert at up-close magic. Often called “The Millionaire’s Magician,” he has performed for the likes of Woody Allen, David Rockefeller, Martha Stewart, Warren Buffett, Stephen Sondheim, the Queen of Morocco, and more. Additionally, he has been featured on the History Channel, the Late Show with David Letterman, CBS, and CNN and in well-known publications including the New York Times and Forbes magazine, and he is the author of the book Win the Crowd. He performs a long-running show regularly at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and currently resides in New York City.

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