Bunny Boy and Me My Triumph over Chronic Pain with the Help of the World’s Unluckiest, Luckiest Rabbit By Nancy Laracy, Foreword by Cheryl Welch, VMD
Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in her mid-thirties, Nancy Laracy adopts a rabbit, Bunny Boy, who ends up saving her life—literally.

When the rug is pulled under from Nancy Laracy, who is diagnosed with a mixed connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia in her mid-thirties, she rebelliously adopts a baby red satin rabbit, Bunny Boy. So begins a deep, magical, and lifelong bond, where Bunny Boy and Nancy become inseparable companions in pain management.

As Nancy battles her debilitating chronic pain, Bunny Boy is diagnosed with a similar autoimmune disease, developing a severe jaw abscess. With the heart of a lion, Bunny Boy fights through countless procedures and surgeries, even helping to pioneer a cutting-edge medical treatment that, once made available to humans, would later save Nancy’s life.

Despite Bunny Boy’s illness, he lives boldly with joie de vivre without a care for his pain, gamboling about the house where he runs free. As they grow closer in sickness and in health, Bunny Boy shows Nancy how to reclaim her own zest for life and overcome her disease, as well as dozens of other patients in a rehabilitation center when he becomes a therapy rabbit.

A poignant story of resiliency, deep love, and faith in miracles, Bunny Boy and Me is a heartwarming tale of the unluckiest, luckiest rabbit who defied the odds and made a difference.

TitleBunny Boy and Me
SubtitleMy Triumph over Chronic Pain with the Help of the World’s Unluckiest, Luckiest Rabbit
AuthorBy Nancy Laracy, Foreword by Cheryl Welch, VMD
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published4 September 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Nancy Laracy is a writer, activist, wife, and mom who suffers from autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. Since being diagnosed in 1997, she has become a worldwide advocate and resource for the chronic pain and pet therapy community, serving on organizations such as Animal Assisted Therapy, CancerCare, and the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association, among many others. Nancy lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

Cheryl Welch, VMD was a veterinarian, earning a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. She started Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital in 1996. She died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer. Donations in her name can be made to the Lustgarten Foundation (www.lustgarten.org).

“A fascinating and heartwarming story [that will] resonate with people who suffer from chronic pain and who love animals . . . I am inspired by [Laracy’s] emotional depth in relating to [Bunny Boy] and his perception and response to her needs.”
—Jan Chambers, president of the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association

“Nancy Laracy’s experience with Bunny Boy and rabbit medicine is both moving and inspiration. It is a must-read story for anyone who has dealt with chronic pain in their lives.”
—Debra Weiner, director, American Society of Pain Educators

“The magic of your story must reach all of our readers. The incredible connection between [Laracy] and [Bunny Boy] is both amazing and inspiring for anyone suffering with chronic pain or disease. Love it seems is truly blind to color, gender, or species.”
—Hope Cristol, managing editor of Arthritis Today

“If you’ve ever cried into the belly of a pet, you will see yourself in Nancy Laracy’s amazing true story of love, courage, and healing at the paws of an extraordinary rabbit. As an animal lover, I found the tail (sorry!) of Laracy and Bunny Boy almost mythological. The demons of pain fought through the love of one very strong woman and one very special rabbit. There’s so much in this story to recommend: the power of interspecies love, how caring for an animal is essentially caring for yourself, and that no matter how dark the pain tunnel is, there may be a light at the end of it . . . and that light may emanate from a nonhuman companion.”
—Holly Caster, president of Aventine Co.

“A remarkable story of fighting back—of overcoming pain and disease through a bunny, when all else failed. Bunny Boy is uplifting and endearing and will pull at people’s heartstrings.”
—Bill Kueser, Pet Partners/Delta Society

“The fact that [Laracy and Bunny Boy] both suffered challenging health issues and relied on each other for help and comfort opens all of our eyes to the amazing attributes of bunnies and the strong bond they can form with humans.”
—Mary Lou Zarbock, managing editor of Rabbits USA

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