Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek The Strange Case Continues By Anthony O'Neill
In this dark, atmospheric sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless classic, the strange case continues with the return of Dr. Jekyll . . .

Seven years after the death of Edward Hyde, a stylish gentleman shows up in foggy London claiming to be Dr. Henry Jekyll. Only Mr. Utterson, Jekyll’s faithful lawyer and confidant, knows that he must be an impostor—because Jekyll was Hyde.

But as the man goes about charming Jekyll’s friends and reclaiming the estate, and as the bodies of potential challengers start piling up, Utterson is left fearing for his life . . . and questioning his own sanity.

This brilliantly imagined and beautifully written sequel to one of literature’s greatest masterpieces perfectly complements, as well as subverts, Stevenson’s gothic classic. And where the original was concerned with the duality of man, the sequel deals with the possibility of identity theft of the most audacious kind. Constantly threading on the blurred lines between reality and fantasy, madness and reason, self-serving delusions and brutal truths, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek honors the original Stevenson with a thrilling new conclusion.

TitleDr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek
SubtitleThe Strange Case Continues
AuthorBy Anthony O'Neill
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published2 October 2018
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Anthony O’Neill was born in Melbourne. He is the author of Scheherazade, The Lamplighter, The Empire of Eternity, The Unscratchables, and The Dark Side. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

'Written with verve and humour, this is an entertaining tale which weaves an ingenious web of mystery and suspense. It is guaranteed to keep the reader hooked till the last page."
The Independent, 9 Best Scottish Fiction Books

“Being a huge fan of the original, I was skeptical about this sequel, but it was clever, gripping, and reverent. Recommended.”
—Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus novels

“Fiendishly ingenious . . . Robert Louis Stevenson lives again!”
—Ronald Frame, author of the Man Booker–longlisted The Lantern Bearers

“Fans of Stevenson’s original will delight in this lovingly crafted sequel . . . dazzling in its own right”
—Lesley McDowell, literary critic and author of Unfashioned Creatures

“O’Neill’s prose retains much of [Robert Louis Stevenson’s] tone, but his is a somewhat less flowery rendition, pared back to the storytelling essentials and more suited to present-day tastes . . . Reimagined in this way, it seems as much like a companion piece as a sequel, and one feels that master storyteller RLS would have smiled with guarded approval at the direction O’Neill had taken his ideas.”
The Herald

“Seamlessly taking up the tale where Stevenson left off, O’Neill’s novella is a page-turner, a fast read that can, and probably should be, consumed in one sitting . . . Ingenious and compelling, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek is a truly atmospheric read.”
The Scotsman/Edinburgh Evening News

“O’Neill infuses the narrative with suspense and meticulously-researched detail. A gripping novel, every bit as unsettling as Stevenson's original.”
—Kaite Welsh, author of Wages of Sin

“A strange and wondrous tale—beautifully told.”
—Lin Anderson, author of the Rhona MacLeod series

“A clever and entertaining sequel that will leave Stevenson fans delighted.”
—Kevin MacNeil, author of The Brilliant & Forever

“Brilliant and entertaining sequel … a most worthy companion to sit alongside the original by Stevenson.”
—Historical Novel Society

“Anthony O’Neill creates a wonderful narrative that constantly keeps a reader engaged; doubting, questioning, and guessing at every turn . . . Even for those who have limited knowledge of, or haven’t read, the original, this is a book for you . . . O’Neill has written a marvelous story with a fantastic use of language that makes the novel feel authentic to its time period."
Other Terrain Journal

“A delightfully immersive read that quickly draws us into the world we never knew we had been missing.”

“It’s a corker of a read that had me on the edge of my seat. It breathes new life into the characters of a classic and gives them a new voice!”
Love Books Group

“The perfect mystery novel.”
Ann Bonny Book Reviews, five stars

“I haven’t read the classic Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but this book has given me the desire to go back and see where the story begins . . . It flowed beautifully with a wonderful plot that I’m sure Mr. Stevenson would have been proud of. It had me hooked right from the first page . . . It is flawless.”
Whispering Stories, five stars

“Energetic, consuming, and exciting.”
Books of All Kinds

“Delightfully atmospheric from the very first sentence.”
Novel Deelights

“Full of tension, mystery, and drama. A must read.”
No Safer Place

“It’s a suspenseful novel full of atmosphere . . . a really gripping read.”
Portobello Book Blog

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