150 Survival Secrets Everything You Need to Know to Get through the Worst By James C. Jones
As the world gets more dangerous, you have to be prepared for anything, even the worst. In 150 Survival Secrets, seasoned survivalist James C. Jones provides insider tips to help you and your family survive any catastrophe. Divided into two practical sections, 150 Survival Secrets answers every question you’ve ever had about disaster preparedness. The first comprehensive section lists the practical details of making it through any kind of emergency situation. Some topics include:
  • How to survive extreme winter conditions
  • How to put together a homemade survival kit in the case of an emergency
  • How to safely evacuate from an urban area during a disaster
  • How much and what type of food to store at home for long-term emergencies
  • How to survive an active shooter situation
  • How to treat common injuries A second section answers everything you’ve ever wondered about disaster prepping, including what being a survivalist entails, how to equip your home for survival situations, what gear is essential for a survivalist to own, what elements are essential in a good emergency plan, what types of disasters you can expect to face in your lifetime, and more. So what are you waiting for? With 150 Survival Secrets, you’ll be prepared for anything and everything.
  • Title150 Survival Secrets
    SubtitleEverything You Need to Know to Get through the Worst
    AuthorBy James C. Jones
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
    Published5 February 2019
    Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
    IllustrationsColor photos throughout.

    About the author

    James C. Jones is the cofounder of Live Free USA, a national survival club and self-reliance organization. He has developed and conducted hundreds of survival training events and seminars over the past forty years and has written hundreds of articles for Live Free's newsletter, American Survivor. He currently writes articles for several national preparedness and survival related publications, while continuing to teach a variety of survival courses and make presentations at major preparedness expositions. His books include Beyond Survival: An Introduction to the Self-Reliance Revolution and The Live Free Book of Total Survival. He lives in the Midwest.

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