101 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Chickens Tried-and-True Techniques for Successfully Raising Hens By Carissa Bonham
Beginning and intermediate chicken keepers don’t need to spend hours poring through extensive manuals and thick books—Carissa Bonham boils down chicken-keeping basics into 101 easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply tips, tricks, and chicken hacks.

Advice ranges from learning how to grow your flock despite having a broody hen to directions for making a nesting box herb blend that will keep pests at bay and keep the coop smelling fresh. Other tips will touch on:

• Stretching your feed budget with fermentation

• Making a predator-proof coop

• Using your chickens to get your garden ready in the spring

• Creating easy chicken chores for kids

• And much more!

Having raised a variety of chickens both inside her home and with the help of broody chicken moms, author Carissa Bonham is ready to share her chicken-keeping advice with others looking to add the joy of poultry to their lives. Her approach to chicken keeping focuses on keeping hens happy using natural methods so you can spend less time doing the dirty work and more time enjoying your flock.
Title101 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Chickens
SubtitleTried-and-True Techniques for Successfully Raising Hens
AuthorBy Carissa Bonham
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published2 October 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 8.50in.
Illustrationscolor photographs.

About the author

Carissa Bonham is the owner and editor of the popular green lifestyle website Creative Green Living. She is active in several online chicken-keeping communities and her Instagram-famous chickens (follow them @CreativeGreenChickens) grace the pages of this book. She lives near Portland, Oregon, with a house full of boys and a yard full of chickens.

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