Strange True Stories of the Mysterious and Bizarre By Colin Wilson, By Damon Wilson
Over fifty of the most fascinating accounts of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

Did werewolves roam the countryside of fifteenth century France? What exactly is El Chupacabra, a creature whose name translates to “The Goat Sucker” in English? What phantoms and apparitions drift the halls of Borley Rectory, earning it the nickname of “The Most Haunted House in England”? Featuring maps, callouts, and facts that locate these mysterious happenings, Strange is a groundbreaking book and the first of its kind.

In this riveting account of history’s most baffling mysteries, two of the world’s leading authorities on the supernatural, writer Colin Wilson and his son, Damon, search for the elusive answers to the most puzzling questions of the all time—from the fate of Atlantis to the curses of the ancient Egyptians to the Bermuda Triangle. Dozens of mysteries, some that have puzzled scientists and thinkers for centuries, are collected, illustrated, and explained in this captivating—and chilling—book.

Lavishly illustrated and expertly written, Strange continues the Wilsons’ quest for answers to the great mysteries of the universe, taking readers on a journey beyond the imagination where fact seems stranger than fiction.
SubtitleTrue Stories of the Mysterious and Bizarre
AuthorBy Colin Wilson, By Damon Wilson
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published21 October 2014
Dimensions8.50 x 9.50in.
IllustrationsColor photos throughout, color illustrations throughout, B&W photos throughout,.

About the author

Colin Wilson was born in Leicester, England, in 1931. He is a recognized authority on criminology and the occult, and has written more than fifty books, with subjects ranging from true crime to mysticism.

Damon Wilson was born 1965 in St. Austell, Cornwall, England. He shared with his father an interest in the paranormal and has spent years researching the subject. He collaborated with his father on numerous books and lives in London, England.

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