The Brick Bible Presents Brick Exodus By Brendan Powell Smith
Master LEGO builder, photographer, and storyteller Brendan Powell Smith has created new interest in the Bible and its stories his Brick Bible books and website. His widely popular The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament brings together the major books of the Old Testament, illustrated entirely in LEGO bricks. Now, for the first time and in a smaller, more portable format, The Brick Bible Presents Brick Exodus engages readers with the stories from the second book of the Pentateuch. You can now follow Moses's journey throughout the Book of Exodus, illustrated entirely with LEGO bricks. Inside you’ll find highlighted:

Baby Moses’s journey in a reed basket down the Nile
The seven deadly plagues that struck Egypt
The parting of the Red Sea
The Israelites’ time in the desert
The burning bush on Mount Sinai
The presentation of the Ten Commandments
The burning of the golden calf
And much more!

The Brick Bible Presents Brick Exodus contains more than sixty illustrations and exciting additional scenes never before in print! Set in comic book style, the iconic scenes from these well-known Bible stories jump off the page. It is a must-have book for any religious family member, Sunday school classroom, or LEGO nut.
TitleThe Brick Bible Presents Brick Exodus
AuthorBy Brendan Powell Smith
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published21 October 2014
Dimensions7.00 x 9.50in.
Illustrations100 color illustrations.

About the author

Brendan Powell Smith is the author of the bestselling Brick Bible series for adults and four children’s books in The Brick Bible for Kids series: Noah’s Ark, The Christmas Story, David and Goliath, and the forthcoming Jonah and the Whale. He has produced nearly five thousand illustrations retelling over four hundred Bible stories. He resides near Mountain View, California.

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