The Joy of Winemaking An Illustrated Handbook to Making Wine at Home Deana Morin, Amanda Brackett
Wine is an intimidating topic to many people, and making it at home might seem like too much of a challenge. Red or white? Stainless or oak barrel aging? Fresh grapes or wine-making kits? Have you asked yourself these questions? If so, you are among the many who have wanted to make wine at home and didn't know where to start. The Joy of Winemaking will take you on a journey into the wonderful, complex world of wine and guide you step-by-step through the winemaking process. You’ll be introduced to the history of wine, which dates back to before 600BC, and learn some of the top wine grape–growing regions, as well as grape varietals.

With beautiful full-color photographs that show the whole process from picking the grapes to corking the bottle, The Joy of Winemaking will take you through the multiple steps of winemaking. From choosing the right equipment for crushing and pressing or processing your winemaking kit properly. This simple yet detailed book will walk you through the proper way to inoculate and ferment your wine and the use of chemicals for storing your wine properly for years to come.

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TitleThe Joy of Winemaking
SubtitleAn Illustrated Handbook to Making Wine at Home
AuthorDeana Morin, Amanda Brackett
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published15 August 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Deana Morin has over twenty years experience in distribution and supply chain management, and she's been making wine professionally for two years. She is a student with the Society of Wine Educators seeking her certificate as a Certified Specialist of Wine and is currently enrolled at the University of California, Sonoma, majoring in wine business management.

Amanda Brackett earned her bachelor’s in international business and management from Cal State, Monterey Bay. She’s been the lead winemaker at the Southern Connecticut Wine Company since 2012. She’s currently finishing her master’s in wine making with University of California, Davis.

Deana Morin and Amanda Brackett are the co-owners of the Southern Connecticut Wine Company, a winemaking facility in Wallingford, Connecticut, where under their direction you can hands on create your own special vintage. Visit them at

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