Hardcore Inventing Invent, Protect, Promote, and Profit from Your Ideas By Robert Yonover, By Ellie Crowe
You’ve come up with a great solution to a persistent problem—an invention that will help thousands of people. But what do you have to do to turn it into a reality? Robert Yonover uses his experiences from the world of inventing and promotion to take you through the invention process step-by-step. Learn how to:

Find the problem you can solve
Build a show prototype
Create an attention-grabbing and memorable name
Find investors
Safeguard your intellectual property
Navigate critical crossroads
License and market your invention

From your initial idea through a captivating proposal, Hardcore Inventing is an easy-to-use, informational, and inspirational guide on how to turn your idea into a success.
TitleHardcore Inventing
SubtitleInvent, Protect, Promote, and Profit from Your Ideas
AuthorBy Robert Yonover, By Ellie Crowe
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published21 October 2014
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
Illustrations25 B&W illustrations.

About the author

Robert Yonover has a PhD from the University of Hawaii in geochemistry and volcanology. He is the inventor of the RescueStreamer, as well as other technological devices used in search and rescue. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Ellie Crowe is the award-winning author of more than sixteen books, including Hawaii: A Pictorial Celebration, Surfer of the Century, and Exploring Lost Hawaii. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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