Chucks! The Phenomenon of Converse: Chuck Taylor All Stars By Hal Peterson
A sneaker’s evolution from style dud to global icon.

In this book, shoe enthusiast Hal Peterson takes an in-depth look at the history, significance, and magic of “Chucks.” Originally a rubber shoe company, Converse rolled out the canvas All Star in 1917, nicknamed “Chucks” for the basketball hall-of-famer, Charles “Chuck” Taylor, who was a lifelong promoter. The shoe quickly became a phenomenon that has lasted for nearly a century with a fanbase that has varied greatly. Though they have a simple, classic style, the many shoes photographed here make clear that true believers always find ways to individualize their favorite footwear, even though black was the only color available for almost fifty years.

Peterson explores trends in everything from lace styles to color schemes and highlights Converse’s feature that allows you to “design your own.” He also takes a look at the social importance of Chucks: appearing in sports, rock and roll, movies, and art, they are known as one of the most iconic examples of twentieth-century footwear design. What is it about this sneaker that makes it so culturally pervasive? With help from Converse-wearers, we’ll find the answers.
SubtitleThe Phenomenon of Converse: Chuck Taylor All Stars
AuthorBy Hal Peterson
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published16 August 2016
Dimensions7.25 x 7.25in.
Illustrations150 color photos.

About the author

Hal Peterson is one of those many Chucks-wearers that this book is about. He is the webmaster for The ChucksConnection, the world’s largest website dedicated to the Chuck Taylor shoe. The ChucksConnection is a division of Hal Peterson Media Services, a business that operates educational and commercial websites, and distributes music publications and books on music technology. Besides his Media Services work, Peterson is an expert in music technology and software, and is active in the San Jose area as a conductor, arranger, and digital media instructor.

"In this fawning fashionography, readers will find more than they ever wanted to know about the enduring line of Converse basketball shoes worn by hip athletes, lithe hipsters, Pollyannas, and iconoclasts." —Publishers Weekly
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