Midlife Manifesto A Woman's Guide to Thriving after Forty By Jane Mathews
Conquer midlife crisis with this action plan and become the magnificent midlife woman you are!

“It is never, ever, too late to change the course of your life... The world has underestimated what we midlife women are capable of.”

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered "is this it?" At the crucial halfway point, do you wish you had your very own manifesto to reassert your passion and place in the world? Hilarious, insightful, and encouraging, Midlife Manifesto throws the limelight on the untapped potential of midlife women instead of obsessing over the struggles and crises that come with the 40s and 50s. Whether it regards financial independence, personal style, relationships, health, spirituality, or making your home a sanctuary, this personal guide will inspire you to achieve the transformation you deserve and create the plan to make it happen.

Sharing her own ups and downs with candor and wit, Jane Mathews, who is still navigating but also rising above her own midlife crisis, provides a one-stop shop of ideas and resources to motivate you, guide you towards what really works, and supply you with a well-curated toolkit to write a blueprint for your future. With to-do-lists, tips, quotes, and pages for you to actively write on and piece together the real you, every reader will interpret the book differently, creating their own unique midlife action plan.
TitleMidlife Manifesto
SubtitleA Woman's Guide to Thriving after Forty
AuthorBy Jane Mathews
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published15 March 2016
Dimensions6.00 x 8.00in.
IllustrationsTwo-color art throughout, B&W photos.

About the author

Jane Mathews is a global brand expert, successfully guiding companies to brand everything from corn flakes to diamonds, before turning her skills upon herself. Rather than take the well- trodden path to Italy, India, and Indonesia, Jane’s journey of self discovery and transformation took place in a red-doored house in Sydney which she shares with her teenage son and his Jeff Koon-sized shoes, her naughty daughter, and Rory the farting Airedale. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

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