Modern Bathrooms By Loft Publications
A photographic collection of stylish, functional, and sustainable design ideas for your new—or old—bathroom.

The bathroom—one of the most private and essential rooms in your house—should be designed with care, love, and efficiency. And why shouldn’t you give this intimate space that you use every day with modern, stylish, and sustainable design ideals?

Modern Bathrooms is a gorgeous full-color home design and photography reference book that catalogs more than 200 unique bathroom design ideas that will completely transform your bathroom’s aesthetic. The book’s 500 and more photographs are categorized into six design themes to suit your particular needs—natural, smart, luxury, space-efficient, bare-essential, and open and ensuite bathrooms. Browse and get ideas to use materials like ceramic, resin, or pine to create a natural sensuality; redesign a green bathroom to save water, introduce a freestanding bathtub; organize spaces with shelves and cabinets; adopt a minimalist and monochromatic style; or integrate the bathroom into the bedroom.

Prefaced by write-ups in eight different languages, Modern Bathrooms is a survey of modern bathroom designs that offers a wealth of ideas and inspirations to help anyone who is short on ideas for their new bathroom. Compact, comprehensive, and beautiful, this book is an essential starting point to jumpstart your design and redecoration process.
TitleModern Bathrooms
AuthorBy Loft Publications
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published1 March 2016
Dimensions7.50 x 7.50in.
Illustrations512 color photos.

About the author

Loft Publications was founded in Barcelona in 1997. Their books have been translated into more than fifteen languages and sold in over one hundred countries.

ISBNs: 9781510704510 978-1-5107-0451-0 Title: modern bathrooms category:DES 
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