Breaking the Spartans Epaminondas, Pelopidas, and the Brief Glory of Thebes By Murray K. Dahm

This is a dual biography of the two brilliant leaders who enabled Thebes to end the supremacy of a once-invincible Sparta and briefly replace her as the preeminent city of Greece.

In 379 BC both men were pivotal in the Theban revolt, Pelopidas personally killing one of the Spartan garrison commanders in a daring coup. In the ensuing war, the two often held simultaneous political and military commands, forming an effective team while pursuing an amicable rivalry. Under their inspired leadership, and thanks to significant tactical innovations, Theban armies enjoyed a run of successes, most notably at Tegyra (375 BC), Leuctra (371 BC)—the Spartans' first clear defeat in full-scale battle for generations—and Second Mantinea (362 BC).

Unfortunately, Epaminondas was killed in the hour of victory at Second Mantinea and Theban hegemony did not long survive him (Pelopidas having already died in battle in 365 BC), a fact which only adds emphasis to their personal contribution. Murray K Dahm skillfully relates the significant, dramatic and exciting story of these two neglected geniuses.
TitleBreaking the Spartans
SubtitleEpaminondas, Pelopidas, and the Brief Glory of Thebes
AuthorBy Murray K. Dahm
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published4 September 2018
Dimensions6.13 x 9.25in.
Illustrations16 B&W illustrations.

About the author

Murray K. Dahm has been a freelance historian since 2007. He describes himself as an Ancient, Medieval and Opera historian. He has written over 20 articles for Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare as well as numerous pieces for peer-reviewed journals. Dahm lives in New South Wales, Australia.

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