The Code of the Zombie Pirate How to Become an Undead Master of the High Seas By Scott Kenemore
Set in the Caribbean of the eighteenth century, the epicenter of piracy, voodoo, and the dark arts, The Code of the Zombie Pirate reveals all the secrets to selecting, customizing, and managing a motley crew of pirates-cum-zombies. Imagine the consequences of pirates who have crossed the line to immortality: the breathtaking lack of respect for life—it’s the ultimate pirate dream! Kenemore advises captions in:
  • Selecting Zombie Pirates: Fast or slow, chatty or quiet? Can a zombie hold a cutlass, or is it better off using its teeth? As readers will learn, pirate crews benefit from diversity.
  • Finding a Vessel Worthy of a Bunch of Dead Guys: Learn the ins-and-outs of pirate ships. Which ones best suit zombies, with their unique undead benefits and drawbacks?
  • Flying the Zombie Pirate Flags: Learn how to instill fear with something as simple as a brain and crossbones.
  • Going Full Zombie: Should the reader—an aspiring Pirate King or Queen—become a member of the walking dead? There are benefits and drawbacks to this, discussed here.
This rollicking guide through the world that zombies and pirates both haunted and hunted will keep Zen of Zombie readers intrigued and win over legions of new fans.
TitleThe Code of the Zombie Pirate
SubtitleHow to Become an Undead Master of the High Seas
AuthorBy Scott Kenemore
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published1 October 2010
Dimensions5.00 x 7.00in.
ISBNs: 9781616081201 978-1-61608-120-1 Title: the code of the zombie pirate category:HUM ISBNs: 9781628731521 978-1-62873-152-1 Title: the code of the zombie pirate category:HUM 
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