The Tower Broken Book Three of the Tower and Knife Trilogy By Mazarkis Williams
The Cerani Empire reaches a tipping point in the thrilling conclusion to the Tower and Knife trilogy.

The world is at its breaking point. The nothing, a terrible darkness caused by the festering wounds of a god, bleeds out the very essence of all, of stone, silk—and souls. Emperor Sarmin thought he had stopped it, but it is spreading toward his city, Cerana—and he is powerless to halt the destruction.

Even as Cerana fills with refugees, the Yrkmen armies arrive with conquest in mind, but they offer to spare Sarmin’s people if they will convert to the Mogyrk faith.

Time is running out for Sarmin and his wife, Mesema. The Mage’s Tower is cracked; the last mage, sent to find a mysterious pattern-worker in the desert, has vanished; and Sarmin believes his kidnapped brother, Daveed, still has a part to play. The walls are crumbling around them . . .

As the Tower and Knife trilogy thunders to the finish line, author Mazarkis Williams expands his masterful world-building a final time, putting the pieces in place for an explosive conclusion.

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TitleThe Tower Broken
SubtitleBook Three of the Tower and Knife Trilogy
AuthorBy Mazarkis Williams
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintNight Shade Books
Published3 June 2014
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Mazarkis Williams is a writer with roots in both the US and the UK, having worked in and been educated in both countries. He has degrees in history and physics. The Tower Broken is the third and final installment in the Tower and Knife trilogy. He splits his time between Boston, Massachusetts, and Bristol, England.

"Though trilogy endings are usually predictable, Williams is keen on heroic sacrifice and willing to let characters fail, keeping the reader in some suspense."
Publishers Weekly

“Williams conjures a world with strong flavors of the early Ottoman Empire, medieval Persia, and Arabian legend. It makes for a rich and entertaining storytelling environment, and Williams creates a twisty and enjoyable tale. . . . Strongly recommended.”
ISBNs: 9781597805261 978-1-59780-526-1 Title: the tower broken category:FIC 
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