Meditation for Motherhood Zen Meditation for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth By Yogi Brahmasamhara
Zen Meditation for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth

Inspiring practices of Zen meditation for mothers and mothers-to-be.

In Meditation for Motherhood Yogi Brahmasamhara presents step-by-step guidance on authentic Zen meditation, the most powerful, natural, and deeply beneficial practice available to a woman during the phases of creating and nurturing her baby. This is a practical and thoughtful guide for those planning pregnancy and parents-to-be to use right through their pregnancy, a time of great emotional and physical change that can be both exciting and challenging. Yogi Brahmasamhara explains the value of meditation to enhance harmony and wellbeing physically, mentally, and spiritually at a time when many can be plagued by worries and insecurities around their pregnancy and the impending birth.

With more than forty gentle and tailored exercises you will practice the ancient arts of:

Patience to listen to yourself and your baby
Letting go of tension, worry, and apprehension
Damping down the mind babble
Mindfulness, by deeply focusing on the present moment
Embracing your inner wisdom when confronted by difficulties

Above all, you will acquire the ability to take these skills with you wherever you go.
TitleMeditation for Motherhood
SubtitleZen Meditation for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
AuthorBy Yogi Brahmasamhara
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintHelios Press
Published14 April 2015
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Yogi Brahmasamhara has practiced Authentic Meditation for more than thirty-seven years. In the mid 1990s, he began teaching meditation and established the first Sanctuary in Leichhardt, Sydney. Today, the Meditation Sanctuary attracts hundreds of students each year. Brahmasamhara initially spent five years studying Integral Yoga with Indian Yogi Misra Bashayandeh, who himself had been a student of the internationally renowned philosopher and Yoga Guru, Sri Aurobindo, at Pondicherry in India.

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