The Snark Handbook: Parenting Edition Morning Sickness, Potty Training, Rebellious Teens, and Other Joys By Lawrence Dorfman
Do we dare go after the holiest of institutions, that bastion of reverence known as Motherhood and Fatherhood? Do we take a chance ticking off the entire world? After all, we're either a mother or a father or a son or a daughter. . . . Are we, indeed, on “Shaky ground?” Have we finally gotten to the one thing that we shouldn’t poke fun at? Is the sanctity of our home life the one untouchable?


Throughout the ages, the one constant in literature, music, film, politics, and life has been the love/hate relationship we have with our parents or kids. Whether we’ve sucked up to them to get what we want or we’ve ignored and alienated them; family is the cornerstone for the majority of headaches that we deal with on a daily basis. We love them, we hate them, we resent them, we loathe them . . . but unfortunately, no matter what, they still show up on Thanksgiving and eat the big turkey leg.

With that said, what’s a better gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day—hell any day—where you can tell your “loved ones” exactly how you feel.

But one word of caution. . . . Be careful. They know all your deep, dark secrets.
TitleThe Snark Handbook: Parenting Edition
SubtitleMorning Sickness, Potty Training, Rebellious Teens, and Other Joys
AuthorBy Lawrence Dorfman
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published10 April 2013
Dimensions5.00 x 7.00in.
ISBNs: 9781620877845 978-1-62087-784-5 Title: the snark handbook parenting edition category:HUM ISBNs: 9781626362444 978-1-62636-244-4 Title: the snark handbook parenting edition category:HUM 
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